Stand Up Paddling Classes

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Stand Up Paddling Fundamentals I - 'The Basics'

Price: $53.50 (FREE! to CanoeSport SUP Buyers)

Prerequisite: None

Discover the fun and simplicity of stand- paddling. This course focuses on helping you get on your board, improving your balance, and efficiently paddling your board. Learn about torso rotation to increase your stamina and protect your shoulders. Understand the pro's and con's of different types of boards while learning about paddles, PFD's, and other gear. 

Classes held at Raccoon River Park

* Sunday June 19 8:30-1:00

* Sunday July 24 8:30-1:00

Stand Up Paddling Fundamentals II - 'Board Control and Safety'

Price: $80.25

Prerequisite: SUP Fundamentals I

Refine your basic Stand Up paddling skills and learn techniques for handling wind, weather, and current. Learn new strokes such as the J-stroke, sculling draw, and extended forward sweep. Develop bracing skills and learn how to adjust your stance to improve maneuverability and board control. Discover the fun of pivot turns and gain knowledge of towing techniques. 

This class is held by private appointment only.

Stand Up Board Yoga

Price: $15

Prerequisite: none

Come experience the tranquil movements of yoga while out on the water. Class is for beginners and the goal is to have a fun and relaxing time on the water. We'll start with basic poses and then move to more challenging positions with options for modifications. Board and lifejacket included with no cost. Please dress to get wet!

Classes held at Raccoon River Park

June 7-July 26

Every Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm