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Tybee Island Skills Adventure
November 6-10, 2023

This trip provides paddlers of all skill levels with the opportunity to improve their skills and enhance their general paddling knowledge in an environment within their comfort zone. The trip is set up like a smorgasbord. You have several course options each day and a variety of lodging choices. Simply sign up for all the courses that interest you, then book your lodging for the appropriate number of nights you need or you can make lodging arrangements of your own.


We base our itinerary on tides, participants experience, and what skills participants want to work on. Below is a sample of possible courses we can offer. Final itinerary will be completed 1 month prior to the trip. 


Little Tybee Island Day Tour

This tour will start at approximately 10 am and will explore the salt water marshes of Tybee Island and venture into the waters of Tybee Creek. We’ll plan to paddle in the slack or outgoing tides and provide opportunities to refresh basic flatwater skills along the way. If tides and currents allow, the group may be split along the eastern shore of Little Tybee Island and move out of Tybee Creek and into some Intermediate level conditions. We’ll either paddle toward the public beach of Tybee Island or head over to the shore of Little Tybee Island. Starting time will be approximately 10 am.

Fundamental Skills Refresher

This course will provide a review of Kayaking Fundamentals II and III. Time will be spent improving the efficiency of your forward stroke, sweep strokes, and draws. We’ll discuss edging and provide tips for getting more edge and how to hold it throughout a turn . You’ll also review your scramble rescue, paddlefloat rescue, and partner t-rescue. If conditions allow there may be an opportunity to paddle out toward Little Tybee Island to practice bracing and edging in a light chop and small breaking waves. 


Introduction To Intermediate Rescues & Conditions

We’ll paddle out Tybee Creek and look for an area to practice a variety of rescues and towing in rougher water. An emphasis will be placed on safe positioning and efficient rescues while developing a sense of urgency with rescues. Time will also be spent learning how to brace and deal with quartering or side waves. We’ll practice edging and learning how to efficiently maneuver in 2’ to 3’ swell and possible breaking waves. 

Introduction To Surf and Surfing Waves 

This course will be ideal for Level 2 and Level 3 students who want an introduction to waves and surf. The class will likely paddle over to Little Tybee Island or will head over to the edge of the Tybee Island beach. We’ll look for a sandy beach landing with incoming, breaking waves to begin developing balance and timing of braces. As we progress we’ll look for opportunities to begin catching waves that can be surfed and we’ll discuss how to be safe in a surf environment and how to set up a safe surfing zone. 

Tides and the South Savannah River Day Tour

Depending on weather conditions and tides, this tour will venture up Lazaretto Creek and into the South Savannah River. We’ll explore the northern shores of Tybee Island and follow the shipping lanes of the Savannah River. Along the way expect to participate in several learning scenarios and games. We’ll also spend some time discussing tides, eddies, and safe zones. 

Fun & Play

This course will be a day of trying a variety of skills as we explore the area known as the triangle and likely head down the shore of Little Tybee Island. Students will be able to test themselves in a variety of conditions. Drills will be developed to help improve balance and confidence in rougher water. 

Group of people looking at charts
Launching with current
Repacking for another run
A lot of this!
Tiny crab!
2022 group photo
kayak launching from beach
Sand Dollar
Dry land discussion
group standing on beach

Registration Deadline:

October 1, 2023


5 days, 7 nights

Experience Level:

Each class/tour requires different levels of skills. Kayaking Fundamentals I-III is encouraged for our beginner classes and tours. Kayaking Intermediate I-III is required for our advanced level classes.

What To Bring

Participants are responsible for their own transportation to the starting point. Bring along your kayak, paddle, PFD, safety gear, and appropriate paddling clothing for the conditions. Bring food for breakfast each day and to prepare your own meals on the water. Bring along all personal items you may need as well. If you choose to stay in the house towels and linens are provided. 


Lodging is available for Sunday night November 5 through Friday night November 11. Check-in is after 4pm on Sunday and check out is before 11am on Saturday morning. The house can accommodate ten people and comes fully furnished with kitchen, linens, washer, dryer, internet, cable, and dishwasher. Some rooms have 2 beds so you may have to share a room.  

Cost for lodging: 
$90 per night

$540 for all six nights


Courses - "Play and Pay"

Each day is a stand along class/tour. Each class/tour is $125 (+tax). Students can pick and choose what they want to participate in. If you opt out one day to sight see or rest - no problem!!


Meals are not provided on this trip. When everyone arrives and we have our initial introductions we will discuss how everyone prefers to handle their meals. This will allow for some group meal planning and coordination of purchases during the week. Food can be purchased on the island at the grocery store across the street from the rental house. Typically lunches will be on the water.

Equipment Rental 

*Outfitting prices are in addition to the base price of the trip

Water Ready Outfitting = $187.25 (includes kayak, paddle, skirt, PFD, bilge pump, paddle float, and up to 3 dry bags)

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