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We carry a selection of paddles from Werner Paddles, Bending Branches, and We-no-nah Canoe. We believe these manufacturers make a product that is durable, long lasting, and have a wide selection for our diverse paddlers. We typically keep the following in-stock however throughout the season our offerings may change. 

Werner Kayak Paddles (blade material)

- Skagit (nylon)

- Tybee (nylon)

- Camano (fiberglass)

- Shuna (fiberglass and carbon)

- Cypress (carbon)

Canoe Paddles (all wood)

- Bending Branches BB Special

- Bending Branches Loon

- Bending Branches Java

- We-no-nah Canoe Cormorant

Werner SUP Paddles (blade material)

- Fiji (fiberglass)

- Vibe (nylon)

Not sure what size you need?

Let one of our experiences staff members help you select the right paddle and length for your paddling adventure. Paddle sizing is primarily based on your height and type of boat or board you are paddling.

What is the warranty on paddles?

All manufacturers will fix or replace a manufacture defect. For human error breaks; Werner Paddles has the ability to repair the specific section where a paddle broke. This is a much cheaper option than replacing the entire paddle!

What if we don't have what you want?
If we don't have the paddle you want or need in stock, we'll special order it! Call us to find out how long it will take and what conditions may apply. 

We use Werner Paddles for all of our kayak and SUP instruction and tours!

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