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CanoeSport Advantage

CanoeSport Outfitters was founded more than 30 years ago with the purpose of exposing paddling enthusiasts to high quality gear, providing useful information on places to paddle, and helping improve skills through professional on water instruction. Today we are still passionate about all types of paddling, accessories, and car topping solutions. 

Throughout our history we’ve focused on providing quality gear designed to make paddling more efficient, less stressful on the body, and lighter weight to make participation easier. We’ve stressed instruction and the improvement of personal knowledge and skill to make paddling safer. In addition, we offer a wide selection of car topping systems in order to help make transporting gear a less complicated process.

Providing knowledgeable service and educational opportunities requires Canoesport Outfitters to maintain staff members who are experienced, skilled paddlers. We are made up of enthusiasts who are constantly in the process of developing our own knowledge and skills.

We stress personalized service and don't stress on-line or catalog sales. These venues do not allow personal attention and they don't provide the opportunity to test paddle. Getting in canoes and kayaks, or paddling a SUP is the only way to assure you get the best boat or board for your type of paddling and paddling style. 

We are also dedicated to doing more than simply selling a product to our customers. Our responsibility is to provide ample opportunities for you to acquire knowledge and develop skills. To this end, we provide free instruction with every boat purchase, discounts on accessories, boat buyer events, free rack installation when you purchase a roof rack. We also do a variety of on-water and classroom clinics, events, and seminars throughout the year. Even in the sales process we spend extra time explaining tracking, stability, materials, boat design, and more.

Finally, we believe in a long-term relationship and provide many events and services limited to those who have purchased a boat or board from us. 

Hope to see you in the store or at an event soon.

Bow to Stern Tune-Up 
FREE! To ALL Canoe, Kayak, and SUP buyers!

CanoeSport Outfitters' Lifetime Bow To Stern Maintenance Program provides all new canoes, kayaks, and SUP's purchased from CanoeSport Outfitters with an annual inspection and basic maintenance services for FREE as long as you remain the original owner.

We will inspect your boat, perform minor maintenance tasks, and recommend additional repairs or maintenance your boat may need. Please call us for more details!

FREE Instruction! 
FREE! To ALL Canoe, Kayak, and SUP buyers!

CanoeSport Outfitters' offers a free Fundamentals class to all canoe, kayak, and SUP buyers. A life time of paddling begins with a good foundation. Learning good body mechanics, proper stroke technique, basic rescues and safety, and understanding how to use your equipment will help lead to a lifetime on the water. 

Guaranteed trade-in!

We understand that life changes and as you progress with your skill you may 'out-grow' your craft. We offer a guaranteed trade-in to help you move to a boat or board that will accommodate your new skills. Or if you have decided that instead of a kayak your family now needs a canoe we can trade in your kayak to help buy the canoe. 

* We do not do offer consignment services!

Customized Demos!

Buying a new boat or board can be a big investment and we understand that you want to make a decision you are 100% happy with. We compare buying a new boat or board to like buying a car most people like to try things about before you buy. 

After a discussion about what you are looking for we will set up a time that is convenient for you. We'll bring a small selection of boats/boards (2-4) to Lake Ahquabi. You'll get a chance to paddle each one along side our staff so they are able to help guide and answer any questions. You'll also have the opportunity to try out different paddles from Werner Paddles and lifejackets from MTI. For this service we charge $50 which is 100% refundable upon purchase of a boat or board. 

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