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Biggest Spring CanoeSport Boat Sale Ever

March 27-30
Wednesday 10-5
Thursday 10-8
Friday-Saturday 10-5

Almost every canoe, kayak, and paddleboard in-stock will be marked down at least 10% and as much as 50%! Included are sit-in kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, pedal kayaks, touring kayaks, sea kayaks, and lightweight canoes.

Prices will change at the end of the business day on March 30 th ! Most will go up. A few may go down. Check back after the sale if you want to see if something is still available at a lower price!

Discounts apply to in-stock canoes, kayaks, and Stand-up Paddleboards only.
Prices do not apply to special orders or to 2024 model year items.

• All New In-stock We-no-nah Canoes are 20% off. Models available include Adirondack, Aurora, Fisherman, Kingfisher, Minnesota II, Solo Plus, and Spirit II. Call or stop by to learn what lay-ups, options, and colors are available.

• 2022 Model Year Northstar ADK and ADK LT are 20% off. These lightweight pack canoes have seats on the floor and are paddled like a kayak. Weights of in-stock models range from 18 lbs. to 30 lbs.

Bonafide P127 Pedal Kayaks are 25% off. Save $774.25! We have Venom and Top Gun Gray available.

Bonafide RS117 Sit on Top angler is 25% off.

Current Designs Kestrel, Solara 100, and Solara 135 are all 40% off. These kayaks are no longer being manufactured by Current Designs. They are a quality, thicker plastic recreational kayaks with nice outfitting, hatches and bulkheads. The Kestrel is $659.40, Solara 100 is $599.40, and Solara 135 is $719.40.

• 2022 Model year Hobie pedal kayaks will be available at reduced prices. Call or stop by to find out what Hobie kayaks we have available!

Liquid Logic Marvel 12, 25% at $674.25! Only 1 left!

Liquid Logic Saluda 11’ and 12’ are 25%.

Liquid Logic Stingray 13.5T is a stable, two-person sit-on-top kayak that’s 25% off at $974.25. Also only 1 left in-stock!

• Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 pedal kayaks are 20% off. We also have one Slayer Propel 12.5 MAX, and a Titan 10.5 on sale. Most of these are Hidden Oak for color. Call or stop in the store for specific details.

• Native Watercraft Versa Board is a 12’ 3” rotomolded paddleboard with a seat to make it more of a kayak. Save more than 40% with a great price of $649.50!

• Save 40% on our last two Perception Hi-Five kids kayaks. Only $179.40!

• Various colors are available in the Perception Joyride 100 and 120! All are 20% off. Joyride 100 is $583.20 and the 120 is $735.20.

• Perception Pescador sit-on-top kayaks and the Tribe 11.5 are 30% off. We have one Pescador 10 remaining at $475.30, one 12 at $587.30, and two Tribe 11.5’s at $552.30!

STEAL OF THE SALE! Pescador 12 Pro normally $1,099 is only $552.20!!!!

Wilderness Systems Radar 115 and Radar 135 are 25% off. Just one of each still in-stock.
Price will be $1,169.25 and $1,289.25 respectively.

Wilderness Systems Recon 120 HD is 25% off. We have a grey and a lime. Price is $2,114.25!

Current Designs Vision 135 is $974.35. This is a 13’ 6” rotomolded touring kayak with two bulkheads and hatches. A great kayak for someone wanting a more efficient kayak yet still have maneuverability for local river paddling.

• Instructional Current Designs Vision 130, Prana, Sisu LV, Sisu will all be on sale. These fiberglass sea kayaks in 2023 were $4,599 MSRP. As slightly used kayaks these will be available for $2,499! We also have a new Sisu LV at 35% which will be $2,989.35

• There will be a variety of additional used kayaks and discounted sea kayaks including the NDK Pilgrim, NDK Romany Excel, Eddyline Fathom LV, and more!

Prefer a used kayak following the 2024 paddling season?


We will be selling off at least 50% of all our rental kayaks from Lake Ahquabi State Park and Raccoon River Park following the 2024 rental season. As in the past these boats can be reserved at any time with a deposit of $100. The balance will be due after Labor Day when the kayak is picked up. Some kayaks may become available before Labor Day but don’t count on it!. If you pick it up from the rental business on Labor Day the boat will be as is. If you pick it up from the retail store the following weekend or later we will clean it, do basic maintenance, and replace broken or worn out parts as part of the sale price. A list of what will be for sale will be posted after Memorial Day. Deposits will be accepted as soon as you are willing to leave it with us! There will be some Pungo 105’s, Pungo 120’s, Pungo 125’s, Pamlico 135’s, Pamlico 145’s, Solara 120’s, Solara 135’s, and Kestrels available. There may be a few fishing kayaks, as well as a pedal kayak or two offered as year-end rental boats.

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