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Apostle Islands

** Schedule will be announced January 2021**

Along windswept beaches and cliffs, visitors experience where water meets land and sky, culture meets culture, and past meets present. The 21 islands and 12 miles of mainland host a unique blend of cultural and natural resources.  Lighthouses shine over Lake Superior and the new wilderness areas. The June trip will offer more paddling between islands exploring the islands shorelines. The August trip is more laid back and involves hiking and more time in camp traveling between islands on day trips. Wet suits or Dry Suit will be required for both trips. Look here for rental options. 

Little Sand Lighthouse
Paddle the sea caves.
Apostle Cliff
Historic shipwrecks
Camp with the bears!
Myers Beach
Ottawa Shipwreck
Fire Wood
Black bear footprint
Itinerary: Inner Islands Tour*
Guide: Shireen Cave

Monday - Meet at Little Sand Bay sand beach. Pack up our gear and head across the bay to Sand Island. Tour the small section of sea caves along the point and enjoy lunch on the boulders next to the Sand Island Lighthouse. Paddle east toward York to camp. 


Tuesday - Enjoy breakfast on the beach watching the sun rise! Pack up for a 12 mile paddle to Otter. We'll stop along the way on Raspberry and if time allow we'll tour the lighthouse.  


Wednesday -Today we'll paddle to Stockton (10-12 miles) one of the larger islands in the park. Stockton has a very small section of sea caves, a shipwreck, and a tourist/marina we can visit. There are also several trails on Stockton! 


Thursday - After enjoying another breakfast with a view we'll head to Oak Island (10-12 miles). This is the highest island in the park and host many walking trails. Camp is right along the beach with great sunset views


Friday - Enjoy our last breakfast of the trip together and pack up and paddle back to Little Sand Bay (10 miles). Rounding the point past York and Sand we'll end back where we started. 

Registration Deadline:

May 1st, 2021

** Permits for this trip are obtained 30 days prior to the start date. Due this system there may have to be a slight change in route. Above is our preferred route however it may change. 

Itinerary: Cliffs, Caves, Lighthouses
Guide: Shireen Cave

Sunday (Optional Day Trip) - $107

Meet at Myers Beach at 9am and paddle along the shore to the famous sea caves. Spend 2-3 hours paddling in and around the caves. Pack a lunch and we'll stop on shore and enjoy the view. Head back home early afternoon.

Monday - Meet at Little Sand Bay sand beach. Pack up our gear and head across the bay to Sand Island (4 miles). Depending on weather we can continue to paddle the shoreline of Sand Island or hit the foot trails on the island. 


Tuesday - Depending on weather we'll take the time to circumnavigate all or part of the island taking extra time to explore the multitude of caves along Swallow Tail Point. Learn about the geography and history of the area. If weather keeps us land bound there are a few hiking trails that lead to a lighthouse we can walk around and explore. 


Wednesday - Pack up camp and head over to Oak Island (10 miles). We'll stop for lunch on either York or Raspberry. Raspberry also hosts a magnificent lighthouse that if time permits we can walk to and explore. 


Thursday - Oak island is the highest island in the park. There are several miles of hiking trails that we can explore or time can be spent in camp relaxing by the water. We also have the option of doing some shoreline paddling if weather permits. 


Friday - Enjoy the sunrise one more time as we pack up and head back to Little Sand Bay (10 miles). We'll paddle along the shoreline of Red Cliffs and see some pretty amazing cliffs and features. 

Registration Deadline:

July 1st, 2021

Details for both tours


5 days and 4 nights

Group Size: 3 – 12*

* Trip will not take place unless we reach the minimum number of paid participants.

Experience Level

American Association L2 Kayak Skills or BCU 2 Star

(Completion of at least Kayaking Fundamentals I-III)

Due to variable conditions participants need to have basic skills including the ability to perform various rescues, exhibit solid bracing skills in moderate conditions, and control their boat through edging.


What To Bring

Participants are responsible for their own transportation to the starting point. Bring your kayak, paddle, PFD, sprayskirt, safety gear, all food, camping gear, and personal items in dry bags. We’ll provide a list of necessary gear in our confirmation e-mail. Be sure to have appropriate clothing for a cold-water environment. 

Mandatory Gear:

* Kayak at least 14' long with 2 sealed bulkheads

* Paddle-float, Lifejacket, Bilge Pump, and Spray Skirt

* Wet suit and/or dry suit - see rental options here


$481.50 + $107 (Myers Beach Day Tour)

Trip Includes:

4 nights camping, park permits and camping reservations, guidance on the water, skills coaching, and navigational training


Equipment Rental  

*Outfitting prices are in addition to the base price of the trip

Water Ready Outfitting = $187.25 (includes kayak, paddle, skirt, PFD, bilge pump, paddle float, and up to 3 dry bags)

Camp Side Outfitting = $107 (includes tent/ground cloth, sleeping bag/pad, and cook set)

Dry/Wet Suit Rentals - see here

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