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Boat Repair and Maintenance

CanoeSport Outfitters performs repairs and basic maintenance on canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards. We work on fiberglass, kevlar, carbon, and most types of plastic. 

Most repairs are unique and require special attention to assure a quality outcome. Our goal is to get your boat repaired and back to you as quickly as possible. During our peak season, from April through September, we are extremely busy and repairs may take extra time. Please try to plan ahead and give us extra time to complete your repairs.

Most work requires us to inspect the boat or board. Please schedule an appointment for us to inspect the work you need done and let us provide you with a free estimate!

Services provided:

* Structural repairs to fiberglass, kevlar, and carbon
* Repairs to damaged gel coat
* Royalex cold crack repairs
* Replacement and repair of aluminum or wood canoe gunwales
* Canoe seat replacement and installation
* Skid plate or keel strip installation and repair
* Fishing accessory installation and cusomization
* Rudder and skeg installation and repair
* Bulkhead repair and sealing
* Compass installation
* Plastic welding gouges and small tears to most rotomolded plastics
* Deck bungee installation to kayaks and SUPs
* SUP fin box repair 
* More services are offered call for estimate!

Call 515-961-6117 for more details!


Standard labor charges apply on all repairs and maintenance. Our standard labor charge is $50 per hour with a $25 minimum. 


Labor fees do not include parts and materials or any shipping costs associated with them.


We will charge additional labor for cleaning excessively dirty boats or boards.


All prices below are estimates. Often our repairs and installations will end up being less than what is shown. We will provide exact prices for all parts and materials upon inspection, as well as a more accurate estimate of expected labor charges. Exact labor fees will be applied after the repairs have been made.



Click and download our list of services and prices

Boat Storage

Free up space in your garage and let us store your canoe, kayak, SUP or bike!

You may store them permanently in the off-season or arrange for pick-up during business hours and return them to storage as added. 

Canoe, Kayak, or SUP over 14'

Canoe, Kayak, or SUP under 14'








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