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Rental: Kayaks All Tucked In For The Winter Ready For The 2023 Season

It’s only January and rental season seems a long way off. Despite the cold and wintery weather, we’ve already started planning for the 2023 rental season at Lake Ahquabi State Park and Raccoon River Park. Nearly 60 kayaks and stand-up paddleboards have been placed neatly in our basement. Over the next several months we’ll be receiving even more equipment and adding to the collection. Hundreds of lifejackets and paddles are being counted and inspected. Orders have been placed for dozens more to ensure we have enough so that every canoe, kayak, and paddleboard we have at both locations can all be on the water at once if necessary. 


After the past season ended, we researched a variety of paddling equipment and found a few things we thought would be fun to offer in 2023. Orders have been placed for some of these and discussions are on-going to add even more. Look for details in future announcements.

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