Included with all classes is kayak/board, lifejacket and paddle. As you advance further with instruction we introduce more pieces of gear that you may or may not be interested in using while your paddling. It allows you the chance to try gear out before buying!


Below is a list of recommended gear for each class. 


Please add each item seperately to your cart when checking out.


If you wish to purchase these items after you have taken the class your rental fee will be applied toward purchase. 


Kayaking Fundamentals I - none

Kayaking Fundamentals II - skirt

Kayaking Fundamentals III - Skirt, Bilge Pump, Paddle Float

Kayaking Intermediates (ALL) - Skirt, Bilge Pump, Paddle Float, Tow Belt

SUP Fundamentals I - none

SUP Fundamentals II - Tow Belt, SUP Leash

Instruction Gear Rental