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Iowa Paddlesport Expo

February 7-9, 2020

Presentation Descriptions

Adventures in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW)

John Wenck

Local paddling enthusiast, John Wenck will share personal experiences he and his wife have shared in this amazing world of water and portage trails. Over the past several years the two have organized and completed numerous trips to the Boundary Waters and Quetico Provincial Park.  Learn what makes the Northwoods a premiere paddling destination.  It’s not just big beautiful lakes! John will offer photos that highlight the variety of experiences one can have, as well as helpful tips and handouts to help you plan your own adventure.

An Inside Look At CanoeSport's Guided Trips

Shireen Cave

Get an inside look at some of CanoeSport Outfitters' guided trips. Your learn more about commercial permits, transportation, and arranging lodging. Shireen will also discuss itinerary selection, dealing with tides and ways we handle group management.

Bass from a Kayak

Tyler Cole

What you need to know to get started. Covering the basic equipment for a weekend of chasing bass. 

Canoeing Iowa Magazine Revisited

Jeff Holmes

Discover what was the true beginnings of CanoeSport Outfitters as Jeff Holmes shares his experience publishing Canoeing Iowa magazine before he started the retail store. He'll discuss how the idea got started, how he actually turned the idea into a reality, and what he had to learn the hard way. He'll show pictures of some of the old magazines and have old issues of the magazine on hand for people to see.

Canoeing Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River

Steve Campbell

In May 2019, students in the University of Iowa’s Leadership in the Outdoors class planned and led a 3-day canoeing trip down the Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River in Utah. This presentation will cover topics such as daily itinerary, put-in/take-out locations, camping, shuttling, access fees, and points of interest.

Canoe, Kayak, Drone

John Pearson

Add an aerial dimension to paddling photography with a flying camera. John Pearson will discuss using a drone to take photos while paddling.

Charts, Map, and Compass

John Pearson

Discover basic techniques of navigation such as how to use a compass and take a bearing. You’ll also learn about the differences between a map and a chart ans just what information you can get of each.

Choosing A We-no-nah Canoe

Torry Moore

Long time We-no-nah rep Torry Moore will discuss some of the important facts you should consider to choose the perfect We-no-nah canoe.

Choosing To Go Alone

Jeff Holmes

Paddling by yourself can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it carries added risks. Jeff Holmes will discuss some of those risks and what you can do to reduce them.

Choosing Your Canoe Or Kayak

Jeff Holmes

CanoeSport Outfitters owner, Jeff Holmes, will discuss some of the main things you should consider when choosing a canoe or a kayak. You should think about the pros and cons of width, length, and depth as well as materials and cost. The key is to get the best kayak or canoe for what you intend to do.

Choosing Your Wilderness Systems Kayak

Jessica Diehl

Get a run down on the wide variety of kayaks Wilderness Systems has to offer. Learn about recreational kayaks, touring kayaks, sit-ins, and sit-on-tops.

Current Designs Kayaks

Torry Moore

Learn about the variety of kayaks Current Designs has to offer from their manufacturer representative. Learn why you should choose a Kestrel or a Vision. Gain some insight into their popular Danish designed sea kayaks.

Distance Estimation & Dead Reckoning

John Pearson

The best way to avoid getting lost is to always know where you are. This clinic will introduce you to simple ways of keeping track of how far you have traveled, how far you have to go, and what direction to take by using your built-9 “tools” such as eyes, hands, and brain.

Dutch Oven Cooking

Marlyn Hoksbergen

Learn how to cook and bake with a camp dutch oven. Also learn the care and cleaning of cast iron. Try a sample of a dessert made in one of Marlyn’s Dutch Ovens.

Flatwater Boat Control Skills

Piper Wall

Learn a variety of techniques and tips for improving your boat control skills using Iowa flatwater. The presentation will touch primarily on kayaking and canoeing with some SUP thrown in the mix.

Get Started In Kayak Fishing

Scott Shrader

So you want to get into fishing out of a kayak? Scott will go over basic setups along with good lure and bait choices. And also what species you want to succeed in catching.

Getting Started As A Stand Up Paddleboarder

Shireen Cave

This presentation will cover choosing a board and a paddle, will discuss when and where to use a leash, and other equipment you might want to consider. The presentation will also cover the basics of how to get on your board, how to fall off safely, and more.

Greenbrier Creekin: Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Piper Wall

Let's go creekin on the Greenbrier section of the Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon River in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennessee.  Before the paddling even starts, the adventure begins with "It's too low," where are we gonna park, where are we gonna put-in, and the raft's not putting in there. Once the paddling starts, the adventure goes on with "Raft's gonna have trouble," "rope's too short," one hikes out, "Whooo, think I'll get out and set up a rope here!", team strainer removal, and a final rapids squeeze play. Told with maps, pictures, videos, and a sprinkling of safety points, this presentation shows beautiful, challenging, and fun creekin.

Greenmantle River, a Wabakimi Gem

Vern Fish

This wild little river may lack girth and length but it is long on adventure and isolation.  Hidden in the far northwest corner of Wabakimi Provincial Park, the Greenmantle River provides access to a huge swath of protected wilderness.  Perceived as too small to navigate, the paddler is challenged by long, twisting technical rapids, log jams, down trees, shallow wetlands and one demanding portage.  The reward is an opportunity to explore a remote boreal forest and possibly catch an elusive brook trout.  

Guiding A Crew Into The Boundary Waters

Doug Breyfogle

Doug Breyfogle will draw upon his many years of experience guiding Boy Scout Troops into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern Minnesota. He’ll discuss how to prepare and organize a trip with a special focus on youth.

How To Land Big Cats

Spencer Bauer

If you’re a fan of catching big fish in a liitle boat, your best opportunity in Iowa and most of the Midwest is catfishing. Kayaks provide many challenges, but also open up opportunities you do not get from a boat or a bank. With a few tips and tricks, you can give yourself the opportunity to tangle with giants.

How To Pack A Sea Kayak

Kevin Beatty

Learn tips and tricks for getting gear in your kayak for a week or more. Learn about dry bags and stuff sacks. Get ideas for carrying water and see how Kevin actually loads all his equipment.

Iowa Invasion

Marlyn Hoksbergen and Annette Casad

Slide show a lecture of two Iowa ladies who join their Michigan friend on a wonderful trip to Michigan. Learn about their adventure kayaking the Sleeping Bear Dunes Region, the Mackinac Strait, and other local lakes and areas of Michingan.

Iowa Water Trails: Developing High Quality Recreational Corridors

Todd Robertson

The Iowa DNR Water Trails program launched in 2005 with little funding and few expectations: signage, maps/ brochures, and small scale construction projects.  The water trails idea was quickly embraced and as the program became more popular over the next few years, the legislature funded a statewide plan (2010) that provides a path forward that emphasizes planning and greater engagement with local communities, local governments, and local interest groups in order to develop quality water trails that have something in them for everyone.  Learn how this new approach to water trails is unfolding in several project corridors across the state.

Iowa Whitewater Coalition Meeting (IWC)

Promoting river safety, education, and recreation, the primary focus of the IWC is the reconnection of Iowa waterways especially for safe whitewater paddling, but inclusive of flatwater paddling and all reacreational paddling opportunities. The IWC meeting is open to everyone and will include two presentations: 1) Iowa Low Head Dam Progress – an update on Iowa’s low head dam mitigation program highlighting the 2019success stories and 2020 efforts; 2) Ocoee Whitewater Adventures – Enjoy and educational and entertaining presentation of whitewater paddling on the Ocoee River in Tennessee by Piper Wall. Come, learn, enjoy!

Kayak Fishing in Iowa

Scott Shrader

Iowa has some amazing fisheries, either lakes or rivers. Scott will discus the lakes and rivers in Iowa to target. Along with what you should bring with you for either a day trip or weekend trip.

Kayaking Colombia-Cartegena and the Caribbean Coast

Steve Kuhl and Pia Montoya

A perfect combination! An enchanted, historical city that has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cartegena has everything for an epic adventure. Steve and Pia will share their experiences kayaking and traveling to Cartegena over the past twelve years including conditions on the water, best beaches, etc. In addition, with Colombia becoming an increasingly popular destination, they’ll share ideas on trip itineraries, specifics on paddling Cartegena and the affiliated Colombia Islands in the Caribean.

Kayaking The Missouri River Recreation Area

Steve Kuhl and Pia Montoya

The Missouri National Recreational River (MNRR) is a frequently overlooked yet profoundly pristine and panoramic canoe and kayak destination in the Midwest. The MNRR is managed by the National Park Service and provides a highly unique opportunity to traverse a stretch on the longest river in North America that in many respects remains unaltered. Steve will share his experience kayaking the 100+ miles between Fort Randall Dam in South Dakota to Ponca, Nebraska.

Kayaks, Catfish, and Chaos

Denny Ransom

Denny Ransom will give an information filled overview of the key elements required for successful kayak drift fishing.

Key Concepts For Beginning Paddlers

Jeff Holmes

Learn some of the very basic things new paddlers need to know to immediately improve their boat control. Jeff will cover what he sees as the ten essential things beginners need to grasp in order to paddle more safely and efficiently.

Knowing Your Limitations

Kevin Beatty

One of the most important things to know is what you can or cannot do as a paddler. Knowing your limitations will keep you out of high risk situations or conditions beyond your skill level. Kevin will talk about drills and tips you can use to find out where you should and should not be as a paddler.

Leashes, Lines, & Ropes

Kevin Beatty

Learn about different types of leashes and when they should or should not be used. Discover ways to use your deck lines and deck bungees and a few thoughts on the use of ropes on your kayak.

Making An Eddyline Kayak

Rick Thompson

Join Eddyline Kayaks Midwest rep Rick Thompson has he discusses some of the special qualities of Eddyline kayaks. He’ll discuss Carbonlite 2000 and the manufacturing process. He’ll also review the line and discuss which model would be best suited for various types of paddling.

Night Paddling Gear and Guidelines

John Pearson

Discover basic equipment you’ll need to stay legally on the water at night. You’ll also learn tips and techniques for keeping your group safe and together in the dark.

Paddler Safety and Rescue Skills

Piper Wall

Using pictures, video footage, and in room demonstrations, this presentation will cover several techniques that are useful to avoid having a kayaker become a swimmer and some kayak re-entry techniques.  The presentation will also cover considerations when a paddler of any craft becomes a swimmer and useful techniques for wading in swift water along with reasons one might go wading in swift water.

Paddling Florida From Points North To South

Steve Parrish and David Wall

Tired of the cold? Hear from two rank amateurs about places Iowa paddlers can get away too in Florida. From the northern inlets near St. Augustine to paddling Mile 0 in key West. Learn about the sunrises in Key Biscayne to the sunsets in the Everglades. Manatees, mangroves, and mullets; heron, ibis, and gators. Florida is where the living – and paddling – is easy.

Paddling From A Woman's Perspective

Shireen Cave

Join CanoeSport Outfitters and University of Iowa kayak guide, Shireen Cave as she shares a variety of tips and techniques geared more toward women. She discuss modifications and special equipment that can help women to help be more comfortable and safe on the water and in camp.

Paddling Lake Red Rock

John Pearson

Paddling Safety

Todd Robertson

With a new paddling season just around the corner, it’s time to review some safety information. We will talk about the Iowa DNR web based tools you can use to help plan your trip. This is an especially good review for newer paddlers and those considering purchasing their first canoe, kayak, or paddeboard. We will talk about where to go, when to go, and what to have with you, including what skills you’ll need to have for that first river trip. We will then close out the hour with a video on low head dams entitled "Over, Under, Gone: The Killer In Our Rivers."

Paddling The Upper Mississippi River

Shireen Cave

Learn about the sites and sights along the Upper Mississippi River on CanoeSport Outfitters guided trip. You'll see how we navigate the lock system, arrange shuttle on the river, and handle other types of logistics.

Pedal Or Paddle: A Choice For Anglers

Scott Hamstra

Native Watercraft representative, Scott Hamstra will discuss some the pros and cons of fishing from a paddle kayak versus a pedal kayak. He’ll discuss some of the features commonly found on both pedal and paddle fishing kayaks.

Perspectives On Sea Kayak Design

Kevin Beatty

Join Kevin as he discusses his thoughts and perspectives on sea kayak design. He'll talk about what he sees as differences between two of the types of sea kayaks he paddles and things you would want to consider when selecting a sea kayak of your own.

Reflections On Iowa’s Rivers and Their Futures

Dr. James Pease

Dr. James Pease will provide unique insights regarding Iowa rivers, their futures, and their importance to Iowa’s wildlife. These insights are drawn from decades of experience as an ExtensionWildlife Specialist, director of Iowa’s Nature Mapping and Master Conservationist programs and from paddling nearly 2,000 miles of Iowa’s rivers for the Iowa Water Trails Program.

Swiftwater Rescue

Glenn Harman

This presentation will discuss a few of the important techniques and equipment used in moving water rescue, focusing on throw ropes and rescue PFD. It will also discuss rescue in the moving water environment and the importance of practice and training, not only for rescue but on boating skills in order to prevent rescue in the first place.

The Lower Pecos River, a Wild Texas River

Vern Fish

The paddler enters a remote wilderness canyon with little sign of civilization for nearly 60 miles.  The Pecos River flows over 22 named rapids and is filled with boat eating rocks and ledges. It offers the kind of adventure and solitude that is unique to Texas.  Yet the echoes of ten thousand years of human habitation resound from every cliff and side canyon.  No other area in Texas offers as many signs of prehistoric man as the Pecos River.  This river will challenge your skills and amaze you at every drop and turn.

The Ultimate Kayak Gear List

Kevin Beatty

Making your list and checking it twice can be the key to a fun and safe trip. See how Kevin Beatty and CSO staff use checklists to be sure nothing is left behind.

Tournament Fishing Techniques

Tyler Cole

A guide to being prepared for your tournament weekend.  

Transporting Your Canoe, Kayak or SUP

Shireen Cave

CanoeSport instructor and guide, Shireen Cave will give tips and insights for transporting your watercraft. She'll discuss Yakima and Thule car topping systems and their various accessories, as well as Rack And Roll  and Malone Trailers. She'll give her thoughts and experience transporting watercraft long distance for guided trips using various methods.

What Level Paddler Am I

Jeff Holmes

It's not always easy to assess someone else's skill level let alone your own. There are some guidelines set out by the ACA that can be used as tools to decide whether you are a beginner, intermediate or beyond. Jeff will go through some of the key points for seeing where you fall as a paddler.

Why Not Solo Canoe

Jeff Holmes

Before kayaks were all the rage solo canoeing was becoming more popular. There are some definite advantages and disadvantages to using a canoes rather than a kayak. You'll learn how solo canoes can be lighter than even a short recreational kayak and hear some thoughts and ideas that will help you decide whether to get a solo canoe or a single kayak.

Wilderness Systems Fishing Kayaks

Jessica Diehl

Wilderness Systems makes a full range of sit-on-top fishing kayaks including pedal craft. Learn about some of the unique features and components that make up a Wilderness Systems. Learn which kayak in their line would be best suited for the paddling and fishing you intend to do.

Winter Paddling The SE Texas Coast

Steve Parrish & David Oliver

Why would anyone go to Corpus Cristi? Two guys wanted to get away from the Iowa winter, but without paddling in Florida. Using a famous guide from Corpus Cristi, they found great weather, superior paddling, and a lot of wildlife. Who would have thought about winter paddling in Texas?  

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