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Good Bye Current Design Kayaks

Current Designs has long been a staple manufacture for CanoeSport Outfitters. Staff have personally used several of their canoes and kayaks on expeditions and we each have our favorite models. So we bring you the following announcement. Current Designs has been sold by We-no-nah Canoe and as of the moment all rotomolded kayak production is being discontinued. Solara 100's are now $599, Kestrels are now $699, and Vision 135's are now $999. These prices will likely remain in effect until all units are sold. We are also selling our Current Designs demo fleet which includes a Prana, Sisu, Sisu LV, Karla, and Vision 130. Prices are listed below.

Sale Price!
Karla (New $4599)
Fiberglass White/White
Prana (New$4599)
Fiberglass Sage/White
Sisu LV (New $4599)
Fiberglass White/White
Sisu (New $4599)
Fiberglass Red/Red
Vision 130 (New $3099)
Composite Gray/Gray
Vision 135 (New $1499)
Sky, Sunrise
Solara 100 (New $999)
Red, Sky, Sunrise, Pacific Swirl
Kestrel 120 (New $1099)
Red, Yellow, Sky, Sunrise, Pacific Swirl
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