American Canoe Association Pro School 2020

We are once again proud to be an

American Canoe Association Pro School in 2018!

CanoeSport Outfitters spends a considerable amount of time and resources becoming better paddlers and instructors. As we continue expanding our knowledge and experience we look for improved ways to pass it along to our customers. To this end we’ve structured our instruction programs to closely match the ACA system. This provides students and customers the opportunity to earn their Skills Assessments.

We are expanding our paddling school and are now offering Coastal Kayaking Instructor Development Workshops and Certification Exams!

What is a ‘Skills Assessment’ Award?

A Skills Assessment is issued to a paddler through the completion of an on-water assessment, which is on water skills and knowledge test. You can receive Skills Assessments in canoe, kayak, SUP, or raft through the ACA. We currently offer assessments for kayak and SUP.

Why should I try for an award?

First, being tested allows you to know what you’ve actually learned versus what you were merely exposed to in our classes. This gives you a more accurate picture of your personal skill level and what you need to improve. Secondly, in some places having proof of assessment will allow you to rent a kayak or board.

What are the steps to attaining an award?

First, you will need to complete the courses or training appropriate to the level award you wish to attain. Second, you will need to take part in an assessment for that level and become a member of the ACA. After completing the assessment you will either earn the award or be advised as to what skills you need to improve. Typically you will be given the opportunity to show the appropriate improvement in those skills to your assessor without taking another full assessment.

American Canoe Association Level 1-4 Skills Assessment

Prerequisite - There is no official prerequisite however we recommend going through Kayaking Fundamentals I-III which will prepare you for the necessary skills and rescues required for a Level 2 Assessment. Intermediate I-III will prepare you for a Level 3 Skills Assessment.

ACA Assessment courses have been developed as a tool to allow paddlers a clear progression of skill development. Courses provide progression in skills and paddling venues associated with specific disciplines and paddlecraft. Upon successful completion of each Skills Assessment checklist, your Instructor will submit the paperwork and you will receive official documentation of your level of skill from the ACA National Office.Paddlers that are interested to see if they have learned certain skills should take this assessment. To learn more about the skills required for a certain level should visit​

ACA Level 2 Coastal Kayak: Instructor Development Workshop

Prerequisite: Equillivant Skills or completion of CanoeSport Kayaking Fundamentals Classes

$267.50 +ACA Membership Fees

Take the first step towards becoming an ACA Coastal Kayak Instructor. This 2 day workshop will expose participants to different student learning styles, various methods to teaching, practice time teaching on water and in the classroom, and how to give constructive feedback to future students. Get feed-back from instructors and other classmates to help you build confidence and refine your skills while teaching. Time will be spent on-water at Lake Ahquabi and in the classroom at CanoeSport Outfitters.

- Saturday/Sunday June 13/14 - cancelled

Instructor: Jeff Holmes 

** Current ACA Level 2 Instructors - this counts as an  update to maintain your current certification.

See the ACA Instructor Criteria Here

ACA Level 2: Instructor Certification Exam

Prerequisite: ACA Level 2 Skills Assessment

$267.50 +ACA Membership Fees

The accumulation of all your training. This 2 day exam will include both on-water and classroom scenarios and exams. You will be critiqued on your ability to effectively teach and explain strokes, rescues, and group safety according to guidelines by the American Canoe Association. Participants must have previously passed a Level 2 Skills Assessment and be a member of the ACA. Details about skill requirements can be found at


Saturday/Sunday August 22-23 - cancelled

Instructor: Jeff Holmes 

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